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Borked Hazard Mod

Borked Hazard Mod

Borked Hazard Mod is a mod that is well known for all the wrong reasons. Instead of explaining this in detail, allow me to put it into an equasion:

  • Bad mapping
  • Technical issues
  • Frustrating and unfair gameplay
  • Crazy story

= Borked Hazard Mod

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's have a look at the story. You have just been employed by the hi-tech company Bio-tech Industries. You're required to complete their hazard course before you can start work. Everything seems to be going fine when half way through Bio-Tech is attacted by an unknown group. While the story is nothing award winning, it's not bad. The problem is that the makers of this mod seem to forget about the story very early on, then suddenly remember about it right at the end. This in itself doesn't make it bad, it's all the other problems.

I really don't think the makers bothered to test it before releasing it. Too many areas are very confusing, with no clear direction. Puzzles, in general, are great but suddenly having dead ends after ages of linear corridors is not fun. Remember to turn sv_cheats on before you start playing; You're gonna need noclip a lot because there are lots of places you can get stuck on. Speaking of cheats, god mode will come in handy too. There are several times when you don't stand any chance without god mode on, especially one time when you are literally dropped into the middle of a battle while the screen fades from black. There are also FPS issues at one point. One of the maps looks like it hasn't had VIS done on it, and so w_poly gets to over 5,000 and e_poly a whopping 174,000. Even with a powerful PC, you're going to get poor fps here.

For a long time I thought this mod was made by just one person so I gave a certain amount of leniency when criticising it. While writing this though I found the readme that comes with it and it credits no less than 6 people for making it. One of them is actually credited for testing the mod. Testing what? That it annoys people enough? Making a complete mod is not easy by any stretch of the imagination but when you have 6 people (including one tester!) surely you can at least fix the most basic issues...

Overall, this mod is... bad.

:klien: Kleiner can't give his opinion because he gave up half way out of fustration.

Download here (if you're crazy).

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