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Operations 1942

OP 1942 is a disappointing mod in many ways. To be blunt? Its buggy, undetailed, and illogical. I don't know how exactly to jab at it and poke at it and disect it for you, so I'll try various ways.

First off, various pieces of content in the game are not original creations and I am unsure if they are credited. German soldiers are stolen from DOD, they are cut old content from the game, as is the (unused?) American Ally, the Thompson, and Springfield. Many images and sounds are from DOD, the Colt is a custom model too. So off the bat? Besides the maps, a lot of the stuff in this isn't theirs assets and I am unsure if consent or credit was given to the authors involved.

Second, the Gameplay feels horrendously unfinished, you have no melee weapon of any sort. this basically means that if you run out of ammo, You have no way of taking out an enemy. However, there is an unfinished melee weapon (your fists), yet I cannot say if it is used because I have not seen it through the normal (but brief) gameplay I have done. This doesn't bold well, because most of the missions rely on stealth. Stealth where you have no silent melee, no silent guns, no silent take downs, can not be seen once or you fail the whole mission.

This is utterly brutal and to add to insult, enemies don't make foot-step noises, so its not like you can really judge by sound or anything. Enemies have an amazing line of sight (but buggy AI, sometimes they're badass MP40 snipers, other times they just stand there after you kill their buddy). So peaking around a corner is suicide. It simply leads to frustrating gameplay where I don't really feel like I'm a soldier or immersed in any kind of war scenario nor do I really feel like I am having that much fun, the gameplay definately did not feel organic and felt flat.

The mod is hard and unforgiving for all the wrong reasons, I just can't really find anything worthwhile or fun about it, I liked the basic concept, but that alone isn't going to save anything.

Bland levels, bland design, with bad choices made throughout, sprinkled with DOD content. It's a shame, the idea of choosing your mission and everything? Was really cool, although incredibly basic and without any selection of dropzones or equipment. The final nail in the coffin is that you can't even pick up enemy guns at all. Not even ammo. It just leaves me feeling as if I was playing an unfinished test-bed, like a sort of unfinished prototype for something that could have been great. Its a shame, because the concept of this game sounds incredible, Operations 1942? Sort of makes you think of making tactical choices before being deployed into something similar to a loose-linear sandbox, able to tackle objectives in various ways; something that Half-Life did very well.

Operation 1942 just fails to deliver on so many levels.


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