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Opposing Force: Redux

Opposing Force: Redux

Half-Life is what many could call, an ageless game, and with it came two (in my opinion) just amazing and just as ageless expansions known as Blue-Shift and Opposing Force. Now, there's been many Half-Life mods, many of them being High-Def Graphic or Model replacements, but rarely have you ever seen any that were made for Blue-Shift or Opposing Force. This one in specific is for Opposing Force. Known as Opposing Force Redux, Redux is a fairly old mod, stemming from 2006, it boasted of having HD graphics and sounds for an immersive amazing experience in OpFor. Back in 2006 such claims such as the following were made:

Currently in development, we have replaced near over 550 sounds, and 50 models and showing progress towards more. Redux takes advantage of every feature in the Half Life engine. From transparencies, chrome effects and additive textures used in ways thought to be outdated. Along with crisp new sound effects, high quality models which polygon counts are hardly never below 1,000 keep the always proud Opposing Force looking its best.

Seemed unbelievable if not insane, but was it true?

Yes it was.

So enough story time, as we divulge into this complete graphical overhaul for OP4. Basically, many of the models if not all of them have been re-created from scratch or from using heavily modified PS2 base models. So right off the bat, you can see a lot of effort was put into this pack from various HL modders that are still around today. Many of the models boast redone, or retouched textures as well, along with PS2 animations (face and finger animations). Boasting decent Poly-Counts of at least 1500 or so, the models are quite a treat to look at, along with some great custom animations for the guns. Though a few such as the revolver will leave you cringing with their broken smoothing, and reloading 6 shots without a speed-loaders, but over all presentation of both animation and model are very solid. The sounds of the mod are also fairly decent, replacing most if not all of the heard sounds, including buttons, weapons, inventory, player sounds and various other ambients and details. The only thing really not changed in terms of sound is the voices, which is understandable. Its a great yet old and aged pack that anyone should try out. Though it has a few problems.

First off, quite a few models have seam-lines down their faces, or have extreme cross-eye. Along with this, the Recruits in Training are terrible looking, boasting pixilated LD heads with no actual modeled in details (but using Full Finger'd Arms, truly a bizarre combination.) Along with this, many of the sounds in the pack are dated or just odd sounding, part of this can be blamed on the 22hz mono limit in HL. But some like the Shotgun have actually given me Migraines. Yes, actual physical pain. But what is the biggest shame of them all, besides from some fluctuating quality, is that some models are not optimized at all, leading to bad frame-rate drops simply because the engine can't handle the amount of polygons and texture maps being loaded all at once. But its not all bad, its still a good pack and should be given a chance. There exists some interesting ideas on the artstyle, some nice HD graphics, and a piece of modding history to be experienced here. But be wary of the aged parts, perhaps someday we'll see OP4 Redux fixed up and improved to a better standard. But for what it is and when it was released? Its a great pack and well worth trying out at least once.

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