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Please note! I was not able to complete PoV. It kept crashing on a certain map change. I'm making the review anyway because I think I was fairly close to the end, plus I remember the important bits from the last time I played :).

In Point of View, you play not as Gordon or any of his allies, not as a member of the military but as an alien slave (vortigaunt). In the forums I said that PoV was probably my favourite HL mod. Why did I say that? Well PoV has good level design and the gameplay is fun- but this alone isn't enough to warrant a place the top of my list. What does warrant the #1 spot is that it's just so original. There's simply no other HL mod like it. It also has a great story that is told in little bits throughout the game.

You start out underground in what I suppose is the Xen equivalent of Black Mesa. In PoV the Xen race are highly advanced and the alien slaves are tasked with research to further the race (tasked by none other than you!), all seems well when suddenly the place is attacked by humans. They are after your most prized creation: the XTBU, or Xen Techno Biologic Unit. I won't go too far into the details of the story- that's for the game!- but you want this XTBU back at all costs. The entire game is about tracking down the XTBU; you fear a much worse fate than death if you fail. The story is given out in the form of your alien slave's (Xonxt's) thoughts written like a diary. Reading paragraphs of text may not suit some but, in my opinion, a less than ideal storytelling method is better than no story at all.

You have a few Xen-like weapons in PoV. The first one you get is your own electric beam attack. You have to wait a couple of seconds before firing to let it charge. This adds a tactical gameplay element as you need to take into account this charging delay when engaging with enemies. A good trick is to hide behind an obstacle, let it charge then run out and fire. One unique thing about your electric beam is it actually heals you as you use it on enemies.

Your journey will take you through parts of Xen that have been commandeered by the humans for their own research facilites, and to Earth itself. I won't reveal too much about the ending, only that it coincides with Azure Sheep's.

What else can I say? The mapping is excellent (a vast improvement over Azure Sheep's and even rivalling Valve's in parts), the gameplay is spot on and it has a really engrossing story. Point of View is a hugely underrated HL mod, a true hidden gem.

INSERT KOOL KELINER HERE YO Kool Kleiner really approves of this mod!

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