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Scientist Slaughterhouse

Scientist Slaughterhouse

Did you ever get a kick out of running round Black Mesa mercilessly slaughtering every colleague in sight? I'm sure most people did. The only problem with this is that it doesn't get you anywhere in the game. Scientist Slaughterhouse, on the other hand, completely depends on your scientist-killing skills! As the name suggests, the whole point is to injure, maim and blow up every scientist in sight.

Surprising as it may seem, Scientist Slaughterhouse actually has a story, as show in the Readme:

In SSH, you are an agent of a corporation called DDI (Death & Destruction Inc.). DDI operations are being overflowed by clones of scientists of unknown origin. (USO, Unidentified Scientific Object?) The Nephilim Alliance has ordered you to exterminate them all. Maybe use them for something "constructive" like weapons tests and the like.

Just below it, however:

But who cares about storylines, just go SHOOT THE BASTARDS!

Okay, so Scientist Slaughterhouse doesn't take itself too seriously, which is good considering the whole game is about... well, shooting the bastards!

The weapon variety is very good. There's lots to choose from, some are best for killing scientists, others are better for just making you laugh. Sure, the mapping is not so good. Lots of places are blocky-looking and lack detail. When I said the weapon variety is good, they only differ in fuction. The same standard Half-Life and Opposing Force weapon models are used for every weapon. To be honest though, they really don't matter; Most of the time you won't notice, or care, because you'll be having too good a time. Scientist Slaughterhouse will have you giggling like a school girl.

More info and download available at: ModDB or watch the trailer below:

Scientist SlaughterHouse Desura Teaser - Mod DB

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