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Game servers

We currently only have the one server - but it's a good one!

Deathmatch Classic screenshot

Deathmatch Classic

The server address is dmc.halflifezone.com

You should be able to find it in the server browser but if not connect to it directly by opening the DMC console and typing:

connect dmc.halflifezone.com

This server has custom maps and up to 9 bots for instant action, any time.

Live Server Info

Hostname HALF-LIFE ZONE Deathmatch Classic - Bots|Custom Maps|Fast DL
Map dmc_grey_2k9
Time left 11 minutes (20 minute round time)
Players 9/16
Player Kills
Bot sephie 17
Bot Kit Fisto 15
Bot IRBot 12
Bot CuRAig 16
Bot SouL Bringer 15
Bot R4mb0 13
Bot Marines Rule 16
Bot HiPinger 5
Bot [Hgrunts]Sephyr[LT] 18

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