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Mapping Resources

Mapping Resources

(Special Thanks to Devin/Awkook for Links and The Original Article)

Mapping is arguably the most basic (yet complex) and most popular form of video-game modding. With the Half-Life series, this is no different. Infact, it's one of the best examples of it! As the years passed, many websites have come and gone for Half-Life modding and mapping alike.

With our fixer-upper super-duper Kleiner Approved list, we hope to share with you, some of these sites that are still around. (So easy, a Barney can do it)

The first very good site being The Whole Half-Life. It is one of the very best websites still around for Half-Life modding. TWHL offers mapping tutorials for Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Many of which are very useful. Also containing useful Wikis and Glossaries for both Half-Life games. You'll have access to a lot of info quick at your finger tips.

The second one which is also very good, is The Snark Pit. Holding tutorials for both games, and prefabs for both games which come in a lot of use. But also even contains maps and an active community with a news section. Very useful!

One of our own Members (And our Equivalent of Darth Vader), Devin (Awkook) does a tutorial series for Half-Life, hosted on Youtube at VheTutor. He was so nice he even made a tutorial for setting up Hammer. So if you're a head-crabbed zombie? Even you too, can mod!

Yet another place, is the old and reliable Wave Length. If you saw my Article on Modeling Resources. You'd know this place is still a source of great tutorials and content despite being old and outdated. Check it out, some of the stuff here is very unique.

Two more websites are Half-Life Creations and Half-Life Improvement Team. Sharing a lot of the same community, they form a sort of "Sister-Brother" website bond. . Full of Rich content, not only for tutorials. But also for great resources, containing a great deal of models, maps, prefabs and even sounds and decals! You can't go wrong with such an active community. Always willing to give criticism.

With these resources in arms, you are more than likely more armed than Gordon Freeman or the Doomguy. Hopefully, with a little know how, some headcrab grease, and the tendencies of Barney, you too will be able to map like a god among nerds.

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