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We're not dead (yet)

Our HLZ visitors (all 3.14 of them) may have noticed we disappeared for the last few weeks. If you're reading this, it means we're back! A troublesome server transition is to blame for the recent downtime. Currently the forums are still offline but that should change very soon.

Stay tuned for some new content (maybe)!

HLZ 2016 Retrospective

I suppose we're late-bloomers here on Half-Life Zone. This sort of thing is done at the very beginning of the year. But I suppose better late than never. Its time for a retrospective of our grand journey thus far:

Half-Life Zone started out as almost a sort of joke between Awkook and I. We even roped Hunk-Guerrius into it at various points. We've had several hosts that I don't remember, Awkook at a few points used his own money and I think I have pulled some personal favors as well. We had a few sub-websites like for Half-Life Episode 2 or Yellow-Shift. We've had a lot of people come and go, some of it transparently because of me being an idiot.

But in all seriousness, as far as websites made on a whim by a few young dumb teenagers(!) go, I think we did pretty well. Despite Awkook and Hunk no longer actively working on the site leaving Maffu AKA Captain B.O and I to run the show I can still say this has been a cool journey. Its funny to think, we've all gone our separate ways in our own lives but HLZ is still around.

But what surprises me more is that we're not slowing down. I mean a website that posts a few things every so often doesn't have much to slow down in the first place. But its that we've switched to Maffu's personal hosting, he's re-written the entire website, we've updated and cleaned the forums.

But its not just us that hasn't slowed down either. Its the entire Half-Life community, everyday I still see modifications being made, little addons being released. I see a lot of older mods of both big and small being added to MODDB or getting steam patches.

Its really an incredible thing to see, that something so old is still so beloved and people are still finding ways of making this engine sing. Will Goldsrc still be played with in 2020? Will we still be around 2020? We'll have to wait it out and see, but I am hopeful for that future.

Speaking of that future, stay tuned for a roadmap update soon.

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