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What to expect from us

Okay, so Half-Life Zone is alive and kicking once more. But what can you - that's right, you - expect from us in the near future?


Trinity is the amazing new rendering engine for Half-Life that was first released right here in 2011. Trinity is packed with features that gives Half-Life functionality and eye-candy once thought impossible. Allow me to scratch the surface on what Trinity can do:

  • New, high performance map and model renderers offering per-pixel and per-vertex lighting, respectively
  • (almost) No limit on static model polygons counts
  • External texture loading, allowing (almost!) unlimited resolutions on maps and models
  • Model decaling support (most notably blood splatter on unsuspecting crowbar'd scientists)
  • Extremely powerful particle engine
  • Configurable water shader

There aren't nearly enough tutorials and there isn't nearly enough publicity for Trinity and we'd like to fix that. Coming soon will be documentation and tutorials on how to make the most of Trinity.


Along with a bunch of Trinity content, we'll be making more tutorials on mapping, modelling and general mod-making. We have some ideas on the backlog but we'd really like you to tell us what we should write about. Let us know on the forums!


Want our loud and uninformed opinions on a Half-Life mod? Let us know! We already have a dozen or so reviews but we'd love to make some more.

Improvements to the site

The site you see here is fresh off the production line and will contain bugs and missing feautures. It's under active developent and will see regular updates and improvements.

A fresh start

Welcome to the new and improved Half-Life Zone!

After a long period of being dormant we're thrilled to release our all-new site and get Half-Life Zone active again.

Gone is our half-finished Joomla! site and in comes our slick new replacement, designed from the ground-up by and for Half-Life Zone.

Stay tuned!