Freelance software developper

Architecture Embedded systems

For IoT devices, home automation and others various smart objects

I can develop the software that lives inside all this micro-controlers

  • Standalone micro firmwares
  • More complex OS based firmwares

Routing small PCBs is also possible for prototypes

Digital security

I have been working for 4 years at Inside Secure, a business actor of the digital security

I developed skills about :

  • Smartcard, ISO-7816 protocol, PC/SC
  • Java Card, GlobalPlatform
  • Crypography (DES/AES, RSA)

Thus I can be a key element for developing on smartcard OS, writing Java Card applets, testing and deployment scenarios.

Productivity and tools

  • Scripting redundant tasks
  • Writing custom software
  • Organizing teams working environments
  • Managing a source control managment (Git, Subversion, etc.)
  • Using Linux


Static web pages (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)

Dynamic web sites :

  • Python based backend (Django, Flask)
  • Database managment